For general assembly tutorial, please refer to the video at: https://grilltime.shop/



Can I fill the charcoal chamber during cooking?

Yes, our Tailgater GT series, including the Tailgater GT, Tailgater GTX and Tailgater GT mini, are designed to be detachable. Be CAUTIOUS, the charcoal chamber and its lid are hot during cooking. Please use oven mitts or appropriate tools to disassemble the hot grill parts. 


Do I need to fill the charcoal chamber all the way?

No, we recommend the charcoal amount to be 1/2 to 2/3 of the container. For a short cook of 30-45 minutes filling the container half way will work. Additional charcoal can be added during use. 


How long should I expect the charcoal to last on a cooking?

Depending on how high the fan speed is operated, and the types of grills, grilling time varies between 40 to 75 minutes - if needed, additional charcoal can easily be added during use. 


Why there is still some smoke while cooking?

A little smoke is normal when food is fatty and dripping. Add some water in the inner shell can minimize the smoke.  



How do I know the gel is lit?

There is a clear flame, once you lit the gel on the ignition plate you will see the burning. 


Where do I get more charcoal/gel? Or can I use lighter fluid to start the grill?

GrillTime provides you with high quality charcoal and gel that best fit the GT series, including the Tailgater GT, and Tailgater GTX. Come and shop from our online store at grilltime.shop. (Other brands of natural charcoal and gel may also fit the products, though the lighter fluid is absolutely restricted to be used.) 



Are the parts dishwasher safe?

Yes, our Tailgater GT series, including the Tailgater GT, and Tailgater GTX, are designed to be detachable. After your use, the grill grate and inner shell can be put into your dishwasher. 


How long after cooking can I clean my grill/put my grill in the case?

We recommend 5 minutes cool-down time before your cleaning while 15 minutes cool-down time to put in the carry case. Please note that the charcoal chamber and grill grate are still hot after cool-down, use some tools, gloves or oven mitts to help you. Also, DO NOT pour out the burning charcoal in the chamber after cooking. It may cause severe damage!!!



What is the warranty on the grill?

If your grill fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within 12 months of purchase, please send message to us at https://grilltime.shop/pages/contact-us.