Super Bowl Promotion: (1) Tailgater GTX, (2) Charcoal, and (2) Starter Gel Bundle

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Super Bowl Promotion – (1) Tailgater GTX (XL) Grill, (2) Grill Time Natural Fire Starter 6oz., (2) Time to Grill 100% Natural Charcoal

This promotional bundle includes the Tailgater GTX that always includes 2lbs of charcoal and one 6oz bottle of starter gel. Plus, you will also receive two additional 5lb bags of charcoal and two additional 6oz bottles of starter gel.


Individual item information can be found below.


Tailgater GTX (XL)- The Ultimate Portable Charcoal Grill

The Tailgater GTX is the bigger brother of the Tailgater GT.  A charcoal grill with all of the convenience of  a gas grill - it heats up quickly and cleans up very easily.  The Tailgater GTX enables the grilling to become an interactive part of your event that everybody can take part in - it truly is social grilling.  The Tailgater GTX weighs in at just over 14 pounds and packs away compactly in its included carry case, it really is a true portable grill that fits the bill for a larger crowd. Great at a campsite, used as a tailgating grill, for the park or at the beach.  Even though it is larger than its little brothers, its portability still makes for a great barbecue grill for a small patio or balcony in a condo or apartment due to its enclosed charcoal container and smokeless design. 

Main Features

  • "Meat to Heat in 4 Minutes!" - Heats up quickly and cools off just as fast.
  • Healthy - virtually eliminates the carcinogen carrying smoke due to the design that deflects the drippings away from the burning charcoal.
  • Suitable for up to 10 People.
  • Weighs just over 14 lbs.
  • Grilling surface has 16 inch diameter
  • Easily Cleaned and durable - grill and inner bowl make of stainless steel that can be cleaned in the dishwasher or a sink
  • Depending on how high the fan is operated, grilling time is from 50 to 70 minutes.
  • Grill comes in many colors and comes with a color-matched nylon carry bag - get one in your favorite team color!
  • By securing the latches on the outer bowl to the grill, the inner bowl and grill grid are completely locked down to form a very safe enclosed charcoal grill
  • Starter Pack includes grill, carrying case, 4 AA batteries, a bag of 100% natural lump Charcoal and a bottle of our starter gel - everything you need to get you started!


Grill Time Natural Fire Starter Gel 6 fl.oz (177 ml)

The Grill Time Fire Starter Gel is a 100 percent vegetable based Ethanol.  There are no chemical or petroleum additives. Our gel is non-combustible. It does not give off any chemical smells or flavors.  The gel is used to start the Time-to-Grill Natural Charcoal. A small circular bead is placed on the starter plate (or gel plate) beneath the charcoal container, it is then lit with a lighter then charcoal canister is placed on top of the lit gel plate. The gel will burn for about 4-5 minutes, just long enough for the charcoal to ignite.  No lighter fluid taste or smell is added to your cooking. The vegetable ethanol burns very clean.  The starter gel is very versatile, it can also be used at your campsite as a fire starter - no more dangerous newspaper embers floating around your campsite.


  • For outdoor use
  • Great on charcoal and wood
  • Non-explosive
  • No odor, smoke or fumes
  • Water Soluble
  • No flare
  • No petroleum
  • Non-toxic
  • Made from vegetable


Time to Grill 100% Natural Charcoal - Naturefresh Charcoal Bags

Looking for a better way to grill with Charcoal? Have you tried Coconut Charcoal for your Family Barbecuing? The Time-to-Grill Natural charcoal is made from the coconut shell, being carbonized and then compressed. Thus it is environmentally friendly being derived from a renewable resource and being 100% organic in its content. Our premium charcoal is carefully produced from pure selected coconut shell and processed by skillful hand to deliver the quality. During your cooking with the Ultimate Portable Grill line up,  only  a small amout of the Time-to-Grill Charcoal is required. Depending on how high the fan is operated, grilling time varies between 45 to 60 minutes with only 2/3 containers of charcoal.

Main Functions:

  • More efficient than hardwood charcoal
  • Recommended amount

          48 pcs for the Tailgater GTX

          24 pcs for the Tailgater GT

          12 pcs for the Tailgater GT mini

  • No chemical and 100% from Natural Coconut Shell
  • Eco-friendly