LotusGrill XXL

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Simple idea, great effect.

The LotusGrill XXL has two built-in, battery-powered fans, which supply fresh air to the coal. The embers are permanently ventilated in the two charcoal bins separated from each other and therefore allows the grill to be ignited almost without smoke.

The grill is already ready for use after 5 minutes. The two switches with infinitely variable control of the fans allow precise temperature regulation of the respective charcoal receptacle. The more air is blown into the coal, the more hotly it burns. Sparks or falling embers are minimized since the combustion takes place in a closed basket inside the grill.

The double-walled construction of the LotusGrill in combination with the closed cabbage containers and the locked grill grate ensure a safe barbecue. Grease escaping from the food is discharged through the stainless steel plate in the middle of the grill grate and caught in the inner bowl of the LotusGrill XXL. The grease does not come into contact with the coal. Thus, the smoke development during grilling is reduced to a minimum. With the LotusGrill XXL can finally be grilled there where food is eaten and the grill master is no longer in the offside.

After use, the grill is completely dismantleable and easy to clean. Comprehensive and specially designed accessories round off the LotusGrill XXL range. The LotusGrill XXL offers safe and fast grill fun. For best results and minimal smoke, we recommend using LotusGrill Starter Gel and LotusGrill Beech Charcoal. The first LotusGrill model G340 has already received several high-profile awards.