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LotusGrill Dome Hood

LotusGrill offers a matching grill hood equipped with a transparent safety glass lid that includes a built in thermometer.  The LotusGrill Hood converts your grill into the perfect oven.  Ventilation can be adjusted with a simple twist of the glass allowing more or less airflow as desired.  The temperature under the hood can be easily changed by adjusting the fan air volume up or down as well as through the use of the ventilation in the hood.  The see through top allows you to monitor your food without lifting the lid and letting all of the heat escape.  It can also be used to turn the LotusGrill into a pizza oven with the addition of a pizza stone.

The LotusGrill hood comes in two sizes for both the Trailbreaker GT (Regular) as well as the Tailgater GT (XL)

  • Ventilated - can make adjustments as needed for whatever you are cooking
  • Built in thermometer
  • See-through lid - monitor without losing heat by picking up lid
  • comes in two sizes