LotusGrill Review by TrustedReviews.com

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LotusGrill Review by TrustedReviews.com

"The LotusGrill is a charcoal barbecue with a difference."

The Lotus Grill is a charcoal barbecue with a difference: it uses a battery-powered fan to speed up cooking. What's more, the fan speed is variable, so you can literally turn a knob to control the heat levels.

It was ready to use in only five minutes – and the results were very impressive. Plus, it's safe to use on a tabletop.


This charcoal barbecue has an unusual feature reminiscent of BioLite wood stoves: it's fan-assisted. The colourful outer shell hides four AA batteries that – on turning the knob at the front – power a fan at the centre of the grill.

Within the shell is a metal bowl for the hot bits of the barbecue. Air is pulled in by the fan and up through the charcoal in the middle.

The base stays cool, so the barbecue is safe to use on a lawn or a tabletop. In fact, the double-wall design means that even the coloured sides are cool to the touch.


The Lotus Grill was bigger than we'd expected, but it’s light and comes with a handy carry bag.

We loaded it with charcoal and beneath the charcoal basket squirted in some lighting gel. After lighting it we turned on the fan… and then stood in surprise as the charcoal burned so quickly that the Lotus Grill was ready to use within 5 minutes.

At first we found that it was burning too hot and too quickly as we cooked, so we had to keep loading it with charcoal. But we soon discovered that the knob on the front that controls the fan speed is effectively a temperature control.

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